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About The brand


In 2007, the well-known fashion designer May Hsu founded a young and energetic branch brand 《HONG CHUBBY》, in the name of cat-loving.

The style of the brand gives the same impression as a cute cat-a sense of pleasure and comfort filled with great imagination.

Each garment has been made with great ingenuity of the designer. And instead of being commonplace, the design is colorful and full of youthful energy.

About our head designer May Hsu

Having a great liking for arts and fashion, May Hsu, a prospective fashion

designer, entered the fashion industry in 1986, and was gradually gaining

experience while working for Lady’s Power and Airfa.

In 1994, she worked as a chief designer in BERNINI, and later designed a

brand of her own in BIANCO 范怡文. In 1999, she launched her own

design, MADAMMAY.

May Hsu created a branch brand HONG CHUBBY in 2009, when she

was invited by Taiwan Textile Federation to take part in the preview of

international fashion designed brands. Her designs gained popularity and

displayed her appealing fashion show in Taiwan and Shanghai in 2014

and 2015

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