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About The brand

Founder: Brand soul: 王建智 in 1981, starting from a small processing factory, has 35 years of technology for the clothing attitude, from cloth touch the glossy presentation and textile patterns totem meticulous requirements, the style extends to technology research and development method. Coupled with fashion elements on this belief but also to DONGYUAN place in haute couture brand. Next DONGYUAN uphold the refined, comfortable and stylish, with high-quality principles of sustainable development has continued to be passed along.

About our head designer Yuanling Wang

Chief designer on DONGYUAN Yuanling Wang

Born in AD 1959, grew up on the clothing has a special feeling. Also smooth development in the field of fashion design grow. Twenty-five years in fashion design has been popular in Europe to grasp the message, always one can tell, popular color, fashion information with market demand, coupled with their own unique personal style, but also to DONGYUAN brand to have its own unique charm.

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