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About The brand

Always uphold the new color combinations. Extremely ornate monotonous performance, full of new age thinking, To explain the new era of women's self-identification style.

Jennine9, each season will launch a series of different themes, with clear and innovative thinking, not worldly fetters and three-dimensional personality soft lines, showing the confidence and style, which is Jennine9 spirit.

Jennine9 can show a special beauty of female elegant and popular elements.

Designers uphold western style cut, but the version fit the oriental female’s body type and temperament, to explain the gorgeous and straightforward.

Jennine9’s fashion design, will always give consumers confidence and popular, and show the lively relaxed atmosphere of Jennine9.

About our head designer Jennine Huang

Jennine was born in 1960, in Taipei. She’s fully passionate and brimming with idea on designing clothes. Due to those reason she choose to study the department of fashion design at St.Bonaventure Girls' Senior High School. After graduate she worked on designing clothes for over 20 years. Jennine insist to combine practicability and fashion in her design.

Jennine and Mr. Lu have same common at clothes, and they established a company named “Jennine & Collection” and created “Jennine9”this brand in 2006. They use their persistence and determination to run the company.

The brand ‘’JENNINE9’’, followed the fashion tendency and keep changing. They walked in the top of the fashion world and created their own special personal clothing product.

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