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About The brand

Launched in 2006,

ONA takes pride in infusing every woman’s wardrobe

with creativity and originality.

A flawless match in heaven – practicality and comfortability

together have always been the spirit of ONA’s brand.

Every woman is a blossoming flower in her own way

and this is exactly the core concept of ONA.

With the use of floral images, colors and poise,

ONA design naturally unveils every woman’s unique beauty.

Experience the energy in the floral prints.

Feel the gracefulness of the sensational silk. Snuggle with the warm and cozy cotton.

Every woman’s favorite piece, ONA’s got it. As each season evolves,

ONA never ceases to impress, whether it’s a new texture or a fresh look.

ONA’s style is as exclusive as every woman.

ONA celebrates individuality with a flare of modesty,

striving to awaken the most elegant taste and attitude in all of our fans.

About our head designer Hsu Chiung Chu

Born and raised in Changhua, a small town in Southern Taiwan, Hsu Chiung Chu, the mastermind behind ONA, dabbled in sewing and knitting at a young age. Despite the lack of a degree in fashion design, Chiung Chu was no less diligent than any other fashion design graduate. Where Ona lacked in education, she tirelessly compensated with passion, hard work and commitment. Headed north, away from home, Chiung Chu landed on a day job in Taipei, yet she spent her evenings at Li-Men Fashion College, with the hope of becoming the next raising star in fashion design.

Chiung Chu shortly embarked on her fashion design career, thanks to her very first mentor, Mr. Benny Kao, who saw enormous potential in her. Even up to this day, Chiung Chu has never forgotten the time she explored different fabrics, hand-picked materials for her own design, brainstormed for the style and collaborated vigorously with garment sample makers to finally deliver the masterpiece.

Later Chiung Chu joined HUEI, working alongside Mr. & Mrs. Peng. Following 2 years of running a boutique shop of her own, Chiung Chu followed Ms. Zeng, travelling around Taiwan and China, where she interacted closely with all types of fashionistas and developed a strong sense of truly what every woman desires.

With over 20 years of experience and commitment to crafting the most celebrated fashion design, Chiung Chu is known for simplicity and elegance in her work, deeply loved by the shoppers. In 2006, ONA was created following the inception of Bai-Chuang Fashion Company. Chiung Chu will continue to innovate her design for every woman’s uniqueness and individualism.

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