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About The brand

European and American High-End Fashion Shoes.

PAERA TI simultaneously encompasses New York, Paris, Milan and Barcelona culture, fashion, sensuality as showcased in our shoes.

The name PAERA TI derives from Spanish PARA TI implying 'for you', The additional 'E' stands for unlimited or infinite and plays with the ethos of customer service with no bounds, striving for excellence with no limits. PAERA TI is the brand with a spirit just for you.

The feminine foot and ankle represent untapped erogenous zones and by taking the concepts of street fashion ideas originating in Europe, providing exclusive customer designs, advertising free-flowing fashion concepts, using styles pivoted around comfort, with liberated creative design models and applying all this to the feminine foot in the east (locally), all the while giving maximum considerations to comfort, a brand in the spirit of pleasure; PAERA TI is unlimited fashion potential.

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