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About The brand

Originating in Europe and America, a wave of affordable fashion is sweeping across the globe, leaving classical elegance at reasonable prices in its wake. REENIES was established in order to allow its customers to enjoy sensations of elegance and fashion, all at a modern price. Each seasonal collection aims to capture the latest elements of style from the major fashion centers around the world, including New York, Paris, Barcelona, Sydney and Tokyo, while at the same time embracing real material comfort and quality and representing a perfect interpretation of the new LOHAS (lifestyle of health and sustainability).

Perfect, refined, attractive and vogue are the distinguishing features of the REENIES brand and a young, fairly experienced female audience forms the pivotal axis of the brand followers. This axis has been influential in our collection of a younger and more diverse clothing style in response to the epidemic of all kinds of printed totems in wild styles and a fusion of colors. Simultaneously, this group leads our seasonal collection of women’s clothing down the path of chic stylishness and elegance, fashion at a reasonable price, while emphasizing popular trends, the current fashion sense and romantic appeal. Our outfits are decorated, paying meticulous attention to the layered use of fabrics in order to create a cozy and romantic European style, while integrating contemporary trends.

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