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About The brand


During 2009 in Taiwan as a local brand, "the popular show" the designer works in this decade not only becoming more mature, there is considerable understanding of the market - in 1998.

YU CHIN HUA creation of this brand, designer rich travel experience and reading habits in 2009, into the design of them. Women know that to highlight the personal taste and characteristics, only through the work of ingenuity to appropriate unfolded.

Founder of a long marketing and sales experience made her aware of work in addition to life outside of Humanities also need to consider the impact on the environment. Each garment is presented to people face to exist, to be able to bring out the wearer should be able to feel the taste characteristics of the outer perfect comfort.

YU CHIN HUA brand committed to creating comfortable and able to provide binding to human life and the environment and fashion clothing.

About our head designer CHIN-HUA YU


During 2009 as a designer in Taiwan local brand 'popular show "- the 1998. YU CHIN HUA creation of the brand in 2009, the brand aims to combine the humanities and the environment at work among the living.

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