The 10th of April, 2015 at the 4th Pine Smoked Warehouse will always be the time and place for the 15th Anniversary of the Splendid Xu MingMei Fashion Show. Xu MingMei leads a design team of 10 strong and under the umbrella of the same brand, Xu MingMei, MADAMMAY and its subsidiary brand HONG CHUBBY are presented together in a banquet of fashion delights.

Initially opened as a subsidiary of XU MINGMEI, HONG CHUBBY founded in 2007 has a brand name derived from the designer’s love of cats, fashion, fun and all things comfortable and the designer places a special emphasis on the small details of design and this ideal is in turn engrained in the mindset of the team.

The opening of the show submerges you into a vibrant world of candy, bursting with sweet, bright and cheerful flavors and with a carousel perfect for retro kids, you can reminisce over the joys of childhood and the sweet, pure colors of candy and simple lines blend together in a casual sporty style. In line with the spirit of the brand {women’s and men’s jeans} for 70 years Navy uniform jackets and matching lace skirts are designed from various denim materials and use a variety of exquisite handmade decorations in tannin on a single garment. Each piece has the feel and comfort of cotton and also offers a mix and match of styles so you can enjoy the arrangements and the wide variety of the shades of blue are especially emphasized. The last series to appear {Vibrant Rainforest} employs new techniques of visualizing patterns and the effects of illusion, with predominantly saturated earthy-tones, the geometric changes of a Toucan and a cactus cotton T-shirt with a printed map. These are interwoven and the resulting visual effect is very lively – commencing with candy-pink and moving to the personality of playful blue and the distinctive feel of a geometric rainforest, the traits of liveliness, sweetness, individuality and clean visuals are present throughout the show.

The use of the ultimate casual style and sporty look drawn from Avant-guard tailored fabrics elevates the vitality of the model (girl). Delicate hand-drawn details at the collision of sparks and color, layered, mash-up styles, colors and lines that jump out at you proves that everyone can wear articles of clothing with that ‘special something.’

Then, we welcome a transition as gorgeous butterflies flutter around blossoming flowers. Xu Mei MADAMMAY, an elegant romance is about to begin in the form of a fairy tale, if you enter the colorful gardens of Versailles.

The opening reveals two white dresses designed with special couture techniques that offer a dazzling display that had the power to transform the set. A combined network of yarn and a variety of flowers shaped out a graceful white Spirit, which guides you to the garden of blossoming flowers. (The reservation of Mika tone Embroidery) Interwoven stitching and an exquisitely fashioned dress sets were continuously on display and they presented luxury from head to toe giving everyone a chance to experience the stunning catalogue brought to you by MADAMMAY. Continuing with the bright yellow cupcake series and a refreshing orange floral dress is like taking afternoon tea in the garden of flowers in full bloom and it draws in expectant eyes. This fabric is a natural cotton cloth draped in segments, suitable both as a practical outfit and something that exudes fashion sense.

We move from tangerine colored flowers (3D perspective chiffon effect) to (Sky blue jeans) and the light shades dotted with exquisite beadwork, mixed with sweet soft lines create a feeling of a modern and fresh profile; then tune pink flowers, as you are taken into into the garden of Versailles, like the blush of a sweet thing, both shawls and accessories are full of decorative flowers, in a mixture of manners and so emerges the overall style of the show, so that the whole performance compares to walking into sweetly scented flowers in bloom.

Finally, the pretty in pink dress show begins, a type of floating and engraved flower combines with a network of layered cloth like the sweet romantic fluttering of a butterfly. A bright yellow dress harks back to the Renaissance era in a re-interpretation of the classical romantic and elegant cylindrical clothing outline. A flowing beige big-swing dress is fully adorned with flowers dotted on the skirt in a manner reminiscent of Chanel and at last a pretty and minimalist dress adds the finishing touches, stacked with layers of shaded pastilles, transparent black and dry yarn and a combination of misty snowflakes and spinning petals , like a playful spirit whiling away a joyful afternoon, among the blooming flowers, filled with the taste of happiness.