2015.6.13 Apple Daily Grass roots Miyama Miyama

2015 True style, Grass roots, clothing apparel

2015.5.12 Apple Daily MADAMMAY & HONG HUBBY

HONG CHUBBY Summer Fun Creations

2015.5.5 Apple Daily MADAMMAY

Xu Ming Mei Vacation Winds ~ Sweet travels and pretty fairy tale waterfront exhibition.

2015.4.21 Apple Daily MADAMMAY & HONG CHUBBY

Xu Ming Mei MADAMMAY & HONG HUBBY 15TH Round II of joy and beautiful hand in hand

2015.4.11 Apple Daily HONG CHUBBY

HONG CHUBBY 2015 The ever so talented Spring and Summer colorful show, an experience of a colorful candy party paradise.

2015.4.11 Apple Daily MADAMMAY

Xu Ming Mei MADAMMAY 15TH exploring Versailles Park fashion

2015.4.9 Apple Daily ONA HSU

2015 The colorful feel of Spring and Summer charm, well-known designer Xu Qiong’s Spring and Summer clothes

2015.3.30 Apple Daily ONA HSU

ONA HSU 2015 recent publication – The colorful blooms of Spring and Summer manifested in the pretty and bright demeanor of women.